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Our Digital Learning Approach

CoSector Digital Learning has over 50 years’ experience of delivering leading digital learning platforms that are flexible and resilient to meet all your needs and futureproof the technology you invest in to provide your learners with the best, up to date learning environment at all times.

Our approach to digital learning - the wheel

  • As your digital learning partner, we want to help you optimise your investment in learning through digital technology expertise. We work with you and your own unique requirements to:


Understand, consult and recommend wise courses of action across technical, pedagogical and strategic levels


Articulate a vision and architecture for a future state that meets customer and user needs


Create and communicate a shared roadmap for transformation 



Build, configure and test solutions





Enhance the capability of systems and teams through technical customisation and flexible people services



Ensure seamless, invisible transition between multiple systems to provide users with a single 'digital learning platform' for their entire academic life


Provide access to experienced, thoughtful experts to aid navigation through complex, technical, practical and strategic challenges


Build the capability of customers by educating your stakeholders, staff and students



The myriad of digital learning services we can provide is extensive, including, but not limited to:

Solution Design

We will select the best fit technical solutions to meet your emerging needs and requirements, using our own expertise to build, or select the best options from our partners

UX Design

Designing courses that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with. Enhancing the experience and adding value

Roadmap Creation

Creating a high level graphical overview your transformation goals  free of minutiae for stakeholders to understand


We can do everything from your small scale projects to large scale transformation, working in both traditional and agile ways

Content Authoring

Using software tools and our own expertise and academic understanding to create and manage rich and engaging content digital learning users


We can tailor your system to be as off the shelf or bespoke as you need for your particular learning environment needs.


We can provide all the technology solutions you need for your digital learning platform, to provide perfect performance, all the time.


Extended Enterprise

Using our experience and expertise our team are an extension of your own team to achieve your project goals

Software Development

Using an iterative process we can develop software for your throughout the lifecycle of your platform to deliver your specific requirements


Services integration and management - we will seamlessly join different products and services together in your platform

Team as a Service

You can access as much of our resources as you need, flexibly to fulfil your needs, big or small

Application Management

Hosting, upgrading, support desk facility for your digital learning platform


Programmes and services to enhance your digital learning skills and capabilities


We can provide support to your academics, learning technologists and course administrators to ensure maximum performance from your digital learning platform


Technical Consulting

Supporting businesses in their digital transformation using our knowledge and expertise


Strategic Consulting

We can advise on high level decisions in an unbiased fashion using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results



Your digital learning platform is the complete set of systems through which your learners will navigate their academic life. Our digital learning team have extensive experience of these systems, utilising our experience of being a university ourselves. Our unique insight means we can help you with:


The provision of learning resources to support teaching is key. We believe it is critical for a platform to support blended learning, be that flipped classroom or other pedagogical methods. Using technology to enable learners to access resources according to different learning paths ensures the widest possible community.





Enabling a transformation of the assessment process through technology is one of the most challenging yet powerful opportunities available to education providers. Streamlined digital assessment encompassing management and administration, assignment specification, digital delivery, grading and feedback and reporting and analysis can release capacity to focus on student outcomes, widen participation and deliver a high quality education experience.


Using technology such as virtual classrooms, intuitive technologies for communication, messaging, assignments and other key learning activities, collaboration and discussion crossing physical boundaries such as geographic distance can create an engaging and high quality digital learning platform.







Content in a digital learning platform can be enhanced in a number of ways. Accessibility is key to help learners to choose how to access content based on preference, as well as need. Technology can also assist in reducing workload for staff involved in generating accessible content, thus leading to far broader learning engagement with the material on offer.



The administration involved in digital learning platforms should not be underestimated, and technology can assist in making these critical systems efficient, reliable and secure. From integrating SRS to detailed reporting on student access to course material and engagement to rollover of course content, digital learning administration tools helps create a seamless experience for users

User Experience

Encompassing all the different processes, tools and systems that create the digital learning platform need to be navigated and accessed as seamlessly as possible for the maximum personalised student engagement and experience. We believe the digital hub is the foundation of a successful digital learning experience, for all users, staff and learners alike.



As learners continue, voluntarily or for professional advancement, their learning journey can be documented and recorded using portfolio tools. Accreditation to help employability and professional development as well as lifelong learning can all be located in one single, secure, verified platform.



Creating a community for learners can be key to successful outcomesDistance learning using video-conferencing, chat, discussion and assessment can overcome the physical barriers of location, aiding student retention and success. Building on a reputation for successful outcomes will also so help student recruitment and access to open learning.



Your digital learning hub is the single, seamless point of entry to the digital learning platform providing learner's with the illusion of a single piece of technology.


Digital Learning Vision

The Digital Learning Wheel