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Who Are we?

We are CoSector University of London,  Digital Preservation Team, we have over 18 years' experience working in libraries, archives and information management.

We have a strong reputation within the field, providing training and consultancy under our former name University of London Computer Centre (ULCC).

We are part of the community of experts who are constantly exploring the field.

What do we offer: 

Digital Preservation Training both face-to-face and online

We offer award-winning training to help you actively manage your digital preservation needs

Our courses seek to demystify digital preservation; concepts that are hard to understand are clearly explained.

We address the gap in skills / knowledge currently faced by archivists, records managers, librarians, curators, and museum staff.

We offer a form of continuing Professional Development.

We introduce basic concepts of digital preservation to beginners.

We have a very high customer satisfaction record and an excellent reputation in this field.


Digital Preservation Consultancy

Our team of highly trained and experienced digital preservation experts are ready to help you understand your digital preservation needs