The CoSector Digital Learning team have partnered with Janison, a provider of learning and online assessment platforms to bring efficient digital assessment to the UK higher and further education sectors.

The Janison Insights digital assessment platform allows education organisations to create the assessment, and deliver it in a locked-down, controlled environment, as well as closely manage the marking process. It also offers an analytics tool that, once results are in, can help staff identify how to improve student performance through reviewing the data.

“Wayne Houlden, Founder of Janison, says: “This partnership with CoSector will allow Janison to tap into CoSector’s deep industry experience in helping education institutions around the UK and Europe to digitally transform the delivery of education services and enhance the student experience.”

  • Janison Insights – Transform how you deliver tests and assessments – the platform brings together the industry’s best cloud technology with a powerful suite of end-to-end tools to let you author, deliver, mark and analyse assessments for hundreds to millions of test-takers.
  • Janison Replay – this award-winning application ensures that your online tests keep running even amid internet dropouts.
  • Results and data in turnaround times that are incomparable to pen-and-paper – Marking tools that make light work of quality-assured marking and easy analysis with reporting at the push of a button
  • Janison Remote – Offer your candidates the flexibility to take a test from the comfort of their home. The online proctoring solution lets you digitally supervise and administer assessments via the internet, AI facial-recognition and the test-taker’s web camera
How it works

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Create your test paper

Bring your subject matter to life with a choice of 40+ question types and hundreds of variations allowing for both simple and complex assessments

Deliver the exam

Run your exam or high-stakes testing events within a secure, invigilated environment using the locked-down Jansion Replay test player

Manage marking

Run auto and manual marking using advanced controls to ensure high quality, fair results

View the results

Receive marking results and reports in a fraction of the time of traditional manual methods

Get deep analysis

Pull out powerful reports from your results data and gain deep insights into your students’ performance and how staff can support their learning

Online Remote Proctoring

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring is when an online exam or assessment is digitally supervised and administered via the internet and the test-taker’s web camera.

Made possible by a combination of AI face-recognition software and an inbuilt web camera, it means that online education and certification providers – who are already virtual teachers – can now be virtual invigilators, able to remotely identify and certify candidates, no matter their location.

How does it work?

Online proctoring records every single exam session from start to finish, and not just via video: it also takes a record of audio, desktop screen and chat logs – safeguarding measures that protect both students as well as proctors.

Video-enabled software automatically supervises and monitors the entire exam session, including any non-standard occurrences – such as a candidate leaving the room or leaning away from the view of their web camera.

Protect against cheating

Safeguards in the software make cheating arguably as hard as – or even harder – than having a physical examiner present in the room. Because it allows for remote monitoring of a candidate and the contents of their PC when completing an online assessment, online proctoring prevents cheating and verifies the identity of a candidate with facial recognition and AI-assisted incident recognition.

Depending on your situation, your organisation can pair the right type of proctoring service and level of software lockdown, using a combination of the below key feature sets.

Proctoring – Key Feature Sets

Auto proctoring

Heavily assisted by AI, this flags suspicious incidents and offers the extensive ability to monitor a greater number of candidates at once. Depending on the level of software lockdown you choose, the program can detect what’s happening on the screen and in front of the camera. It can detect the use of external applications if the test is not locked down, for example if a test-taker someone opening a browser and browsing the web or another application during the test. The software takes screenshots of this activity if it occurs.

Live proctoring

By incorporating a “real human” with the technology, live proctoring offers the best of both worlds. With live proctoring, a real human staff member sits and monitors the video feeds and can intervene in a candidate’s test in real-time if necessary, giving an additional layer of security and guidance to candidates as they progress through a test or exam. A live proctor can be used along with either auto proctoring or with AI-assisted alerts.

Record and review proctoring

This method offers extra security by allowing for a human to review an exam and exam log. This option allows for the extra security but also the convenience of candidates not needing to set fixed times to coordinate the invigilator’s availability with one of the candidates.