ULCC is now Digital Services


We're now operating under the name CoSector - University of London, and we'll be referring to ourselves as 'Digital Services' from now on. These are split into the categories below. 

Established in 1968, the Digital Services team has 50 years' experience of delivering high quality, cost-effective IT and digital solutions to over 300 UK institutions and 3 million HE and FE students.

From VLE development and support, managed or co-location hosting, to highly skilled specialists in digital preservation and research technology, our teams can tailor IT and digital solutions to fit your needs.

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Infrastructure services

Co-Location, Managed Hosting, Desktop Support, JANET Connectivity, Disaster Recovery, Out of Hours support and Consultancy. 

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Digital learning services

The Bloom team - supporting your Moodle VLE. 

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Archival and repository technologies

Digital Preservation, DPTP, Samvera and Arkivum. 


Why the change?


This change has enabled us to work more efficiently and ensure our trading services are moving forwards in the best possible way. We're still the same people doing the same great work, and we're still located in Senate House, London. The biggest difference is that CoSector - University of London also encompasses the University of London's housing services, recruitment services and events team. 

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