The Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP), is an award-winning programme, developed to meet the training needs of Records Managers, Archivists and Librarians

Digital Preservation Training Programme

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Our courses seek to demystify digital preservation; concepts that are hard to understand are clearly explained.

We address the gap in skills / knowledge currently faced by archivists, records managers, librarians, curators, and museum staff.

We offer a form of continuing Professional Development.

We introduce basic concepts of digital preservation to beginners.

We actively maintain the relevance of the content by keeping up to date on technical and conceptual advances in digital preservation, digesting a wide range of content and clustering related ideas into exiting training packages. 

Our courses teach critical thinking directed at file formats, software, tools and systems.

We provide jargon-free training: we do not depend on IT software, coding, systems, or platforms in order to teach digital preservation; rather our aim is to explain how these things work to non-specialists. For this reason we try to avoid using technical terms wherever we can.

We have a very high customer satisfaction record and an excellent reputation in this field.

Digital Preservation Training Online

About DPTP Online

DPTP Online 2017 is an entry-level course aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field. The course is ideal for starters in all disciplines who want to know more about digital preservation, gain confidence, and feel enabled to start working with digital preservation. It contains all the content previously taught on the award-winning two-day face-to-face Course DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation, as well as many additional modules. 

Access to the online programme can be purchased as a whole or as 14 individual courses meaning that students can pick and choose courses that will align with their needs and interests. Individual courses cost between £30 and £50.

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great for beginners

Our online courses will equip you with the tools and confidence you need to feel enabled to start working with digital preservation

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Low cost - high value

Digital Preservation training courses start from as little as £30

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Developed by experts

The course content was produced by archival, library and records management experts

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AWard winning content

DPTP Online 2017 contains the content previously taught on the award-winning face-to-face course DPTP: An introduction to Digital Preservation


Courses are available online which means once you make a purchase, you can study at your own pace, anywhere in world. 




Our newly outfitted learning platform makes for a clear, easy and positive learning experience.

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Courses are sold individually or as an entire set meaning that you can tailor your learning experience to your individual needs.

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DPTP Online utilizes activities, quizzes and case studies to enhance the learning experience.




Courses that comprise the DPTP Online 2017:

Upcoming digital preservation Face-to-face Courses

There are currently, no scheduled courses.

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