Cyber Security Monitoring Service

Why do you need it

Network intrusion monitoring is an integral cyber security alerting system, acting as a 'burglar alarm' for possible hostile traffic or attacks which have dodged the network firewalls.

We have created a Cyber Security Monitoring service which provides a full network monitoring system. It is designed to detect dangerous or infected traffic such as Worms, Port scans, Ransomware, and Vulnerability exploit attempts. It displays the data on a simple visualisation console and provides an affordable way to log any hostile traffic coming through the front door.


How it Works

Following a full assessment and consultation of requirements with the customer, the non-intrusive appliance will be securely integrated with the customer network at their customer site.

  • CoSector will guide the customer through           deployment and any configurations that may be needed
  • Once installed, the simple visualisation console allows for the customer’s in-house technical teams to monitor traffic themselves or a fully managed option can be provided by our Cyber Security team
  • Automated security rule set updates are uploaded from our repository regularly to ensure the appliance is kept up to date and able to detect new threats
  • Real time traffic is inspected, reported on and destroyed. No data packets from the network are stored on the appliance – data that does not generate an alarm is destroyed

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  • Fast reaction time for security incidents
  • Secure and non-intrusive monitoring system
  • Graphical visibility of network traffic
  • Rapid identification of security threats matched against security rules
  • Simplified collection and analysis of network security logs
  • Continuous notification of any suspicious network traffic behind firewall

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