One to One Skype Coaching


One to One Skype Coaching


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Coaching overview 

If you’re looking for a more personal one to one experience then these 1 hour sessions our consultants will contact you via video call or phone and conduct a one hour career session with you. You can use this time to discuss and seek guidance on a specific job interview, a particularly difficult career decision or explore your options.

Typical Session breakdown (every session is different and client specific)

  • Discussion and understand of your situation and current career position
  • Consultant initiates a series of questions to understand your career priorities and values
  • Explore what obstacles and barriers you might have to making career changes
  • The consultant will give you some tools and techniques for exploring career options, making contacts and presenting yourself to employers in the best way.
  • Creation of an action plan for you to work on after the session with key goals and milestones.

Is this session right for you?

This session is ideal if you:

  • Are a mid-career professional, coming back to work or looking for change
  • Need advice and guidance about you career and are unsure how to proceed
  • Seek one to one support specific to you
  • Need the support to be long distance for practical reasons
  • Have sensitive issues that require a private session