One to One Career Coaching - Face to Face

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One to One Career Coaching - Face to Face


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Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

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Coaching Overview

Our most in-depth and personal career support service is two hours of face to face professional guidance session designed to give you best chance of meeting your career goals. By the end of session you will have a strong plan of action to take away and feel much more confident about the future of your career.

Typical Session breakdown (every session is different and client specific)

  • Discussion and understand of your situation and current career position

  • A review of your CV in relation to industries or roles you are interested in

  • Consultant initiates a series of questions to understand your career priorities and values

  • Explore what obstacles and barriers you might have to making career changes

  • The consultant will give you some tools and techniques for exploring career options, making contacts and presenting yourself to employers in the best way.

  • Creation of an action plan for you to work on after the session we key goals and milestones.

  • How to apply your skills and career history to enhance your career prospects

Is this session right for you?

This session is ideal if you:

  • What to feel more connected to your consultant and require the face to face meeting

  • Are a mid-career professional, coming back to work or looking for change

  • Need advice and guidance about you career and are unsure how to proceed

  • Seek one to one support specific to you

  • Want to explore your career options in more detail than other session types

  • Have quite specific needs that require a lot of time to be discussed

  • Want to make a lot of career changes quite quickly