Executive and Leadership Coaching

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Executive and Leadership Coaching


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Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

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Coaching Overview

Executive coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Choosing an executive coach is an important step in personal development. The right executive coach can help you to understand yourself, change your business and personal life and to help you become more satisfied and fulfilled.

We work with a wide range of areas including leadership style, personal branding, self-belief, focus, achieving success, self-awareness, managing difficult relationships, understanding conflict and conflict resolution, deciding on a future path and setting visions and goals.

Our executive coaching experience is completely confidential and very personal; delving into your conscious and unconscious values, beliefs, motivators and sense of identity.

In order to choose the right executive coach for you, you need to consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, what sort of style you will be comfortable with and the sort of background, training and experience you expect your coach to have.

We’re happy to talk to you about your executive coaching needs on a no-obligation basis so we can help you find the right coach.

Executive coaches help to:

  • Clarifying goals and staying focused on key actions to achieve them
  • Assessing leadership strengths, improvement areas, and performance opportunities
  • Clarifying organisational mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Managing time, priorities, and work, and eliminate less important activities
  • Clarifying and applying professional development and career planning

Coaching specialist fields include:

  • Career transition coaching
  • Career performance coaching
  • Start-up coaching 
  • Leadership coaching