Career Transformation Workshop


Career Transformation Workshop


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Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

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Workshop Overview

In this two hour career support session you are part of a small group of 4 to 6 people with a careers consultant focusing on making a change of career. The session is designed for those looking to get out of a particular career path into something more rewarding. 

Topic Areas Covered

  • Exploring why you want to change careers
  • Identifying your career priorities
  • Understanding what skills you have that are transferable
  • How to get build your new career path action plan
  • Networking and marketing yourself 
  • Career resource support pack provided

Is this course right for you?

This course is Ideal for those that:

  • Are sure they wish to change careers and want to explore options
  • Want advice and guidance, from a professional, about how to transform their career
  • Are not in work and looking to start a new career path
  • Are unhappy in their current role and looking for new opportunities
  • Are happy to share their experiences and challenges in a small group