Through online learning, workshops and one-to-one coaching, we deliver high quality training from a variety of coaches who bring different skills to different courses.


What can we offer your organisation?

  • Tailored courses for your organisation;
  • Experienced trainers suitable for all levels of staff, including executives;
  • Cost-effective solutions;
  • Variety of courses.

our Values

This service grew to be a stand-alone function with its origin dating back over 100 hundred years. We were formerly part of the The Careers Group, which now provides careers advice and guidance solely to students of the University of London.

In the last 15 years we have grown into an expert consultancy working with thousands of professionals across multiple sectors. We have a diverse portfolio of courses and an appetite for discovering and implementing new ways of working.

We are always looking to utilise technology to our advantage and to augment our face to face delivery by enhancing the learning and practical experience.


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