Professional career development services from CoSector, tailored solutions for your specific needs


From one-to-one career advice to bespoke learning courses, our professional career consultants will provide you with the skills necessary to progress in your career. 


Our professional development services

Training Courses | Bespoke Courses | One-To-One Career Advice

Training Courses


Our training courses involve our expert team of career consultants guiding participants through particular business and personal development challenges.

Our 16+ years of training experience in the public and private sector allows us to offer high-impact, results driven professional development for individuals and organisations alike.

Our portfolio of training and professional development include:

  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Communication and Working With Others
  • Negotiating, Influencing and Persuading
  • Personal Effectiveness

Management and Leadership Skills

We offer tailored courses that help those moving into or currently in a management or leadership role. You will learn practical skills as well as discovering the type of obstacles you may face and how to solve them. 


Learn techniques to increase your influence and create a greater impact on other people's behaviour. Understand how to negotiate with members of a team and how to refine your workplace interactions. 

Communicating and Working With Others

Advance your communication skills, such as learning how to network or deal with a difficult colleague. We also offer courses on how to improve your presentation skills and general workplace interactions. 


Master how to boost your assertiveness while avoiding confrontation. Get to grips with the tools needed to improve your time management skills and understand how recruiters process CVs to make your résumé outstanding.

Bespoke Courses - Tailoring to your needs



Our tailored courses are designed to suit your individual institutional needs through a selection of modules. 


We deliver customised, fine-tuned digital preservation courses throughout Europe.


It can be delivered at a location of your choice with up to 24 people per course. 

“I think the training allowed us all, despite our various expertise, to develop a solid foundation from which to proceed… i.e. we can all speak the same language and know what we mean. OAIS, trusted repositories, and long-term preservation are now understood concepts.”
— Large digital preservation customer

Custom training courses


We offer a wide-range of training solutions that can be tailored for the needs of your organisation. Our services are cost-effective and flexible, with our expert consultants ready to respond and adapt to any requests or last-minute changes. We'll work with you to:

  • Determine the requirements of your staff.
  • Help develop a suite of in-house training solutions appropriate for your company. All of our workshops and sessions can be brought in-house.
  • Provide extensive and comprehensive training.

One-to-one career advice

One-to-one career advice is a range of tailored services to get you ahead in work. CoSector offers personalised support for wherever you are in your professional life. We'll help you develop a practical plan for your future and give you the tools necessary to reach your goals.

From interview coaching to bespoke CV, our professional careers consultants can provide tailored advice for all areas of career development.

“My careers consultant was empathetic and supportive
about my concerns, in terms of positioning myself
for the next phase in my career.

”I very much liked the approach of identifying one or two
tasks that I could undertake to further my goal.”
— M. Wilson


Executive Coaching - Career progression

Want to change your career? We will evaluate your current position and decide what action is needed for you to take the next step. We will advise you on the activities you can undertake to improve the likelihood of your transition being successful.

Want to move up in your current career? We will look at where you are in your current career and identify any challenges you face in developing it further. We will help you prioritise the actions needed to elevate up the industry ladder.

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CV & Interview Support - Getting you the perfect job

Is your CV hindering your job search? Our bespoke CV and application coaching sessions are for you. During the session we will review your current CV as well as information regarding your desired position. We offer constructive feedback and teach you the skills and techniques to help you market yourself effectively. 

Do you want to improve your interview skills? Our tailored interview coaching ensures that our advice is specific to you and allows us to provide you with the support you need. 


REDUNDANCY &  RE-ENTRy into work

Think you might be at risk of redundancy? Our redundancy risk coaching will help you take back control. We will provide you with strategies to make you indispensable or we'll help you kick-start the research and preparation stage of finding a new job. 

Re-entering the job market?  We will assess your skills for the current job market and discuss your options. We will advise you on the appropriate steps you should take to increase your chances of a successful return. 

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Why work with cosector to solve your career needs?


We have over 15 years of experience and our workshops are flexible to suit your needs and budget. 

We connect relevant theories to actual experiences and our goal is to make organisations and the individuals within them more successful.

We equip people with skills so they are able to become self-sufficient learners.