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Co-Location Hosting

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Our data centre allows you cheap access to rack space to do with as you please without having to worry about the surrounding infrastructure. 

Our service has been active since 2005 so we are experts when it comes to satisfying our customers' needs. 

It has been custom built to support mission critical services by providing fully resilient fire, flood and power protection and provides 99.9% server availability, supported by robust service level agreements. 

JANET connections


We offer Business Community Engagement using JANET (formerly known as sponsored connections). We provide a variety of methods for connectivity and will recommend the best service suited to you and your business

We have a long history of managing network links and can provide a large range of circuits.

Our own pipe into JANET is large and we are a JANET Point of Presence.  

Managed Hosting Services

what we offer



Management and installation of Windows or Linux operating systems           and supporting software.                              


Hardware and other devices monitored to help diagnose and resolve potential issues.


Management of the testing and deployment of security patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions.


We will manage your entire machine up to the application level. We host all of the operating systems, the web services (Apache or IIS) and the database.


Monitoring of system log files, SNMP data & other metrics to assess server performance, resource & usage.


Our services include capital cost of server and OS license.

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> We actively manage and support over 600 systems, running Windows and Linux. We have 20+ years' experience in supporting these systems and our virtual environment is fully resilient.

> We aim to provide a personalised and very customer-orientated experience.

> Our cost effective solutions are carried out by a team of certified experts, and it is typical that our customers speak to the same expert every time.

Managed Network Services

Whether you need us to provide you with circuits or not, we offer full network management. We can provide internet connectivity up to 10 gigabit, be it for wireless or wired networks.




Cyber Security

Phishing Protection

Tests your staff with our phishing service and receive a comprehensive report on your exposure.

  • Raises awareness of phishing attacks
  • Helps users identify and avoid phishing attempts
  • Reinforces an organisation’s security policies and processes
  • Identifies employees who are susceptible to phishing attempts
  • Reduces risk of exposure to attacks and related security incidents

Network Intrusion and detection

This non-intrusive service will detect, display and alert malicious behaviour instantly.

  • Automatically detects worms
  • Summarises traffic profiles conveniently using our intuitive graphical console
  • Monitors network traffic in real-time
  • Supported by the industry's leading IP network detection tools and visualisation software.


CoSector is cost-effective

We offer excellent cost control. Regarding Student Wide Area Network Management, we believe our services offer the best value for money in the marketplace

When it comes to internet connectivity, we are not tied to one specific provider, so we will search the market for the best price for you. 

We also manage the entire installation process, so you can rest easy knowing that your business is being handled by experts fully dedicated to offering a quality customer experience. 

For a full list of our Managed Network services, check out the ULCC's website. 


Why Work With CoSector to solve your INFRASTRUCTURE needs?


Our data centre has been fully operational 100% of the time, making it an incredibly reliable system to invest in.


We boast a prestigious client list, including a number of US universities, The King's Fund and The National Institute of Economic Research.


We actively manage and support over 600 systems running Windows and Linux, and have been for over 20 years. 

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