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Graduate internships

The Careers team at CoSector runs an exclusive recruitment service dedicated to providing internships and permanent jobs for graduates and students in London and the UK.

We match talented, ambitious students with innovative employers. We specialise in developing programmes to help employers recruit, retain and develop employees, while providing the widest possible range of employment opportunities for students and graduates.

Our original intention was to select only one candidate for an internship, but the quality and company fit for all those we interviewed, we were compelled to offer two placements instead of one. Both interns had now moved on to full time employment which was a good result for all involved.
— Black Swan Analysis

Recruit a temp

Whether you're urgently looking for a data entry whizz, tech-savvy IT support or a multi-lingual copywriter for a short-term contract, the University of London can find the perfect person to match your company and culture.

We provide a cost-effective, efficient solution for temporary talent recruitment. The variety of courses the University of London and its Colleges offer means that we can specialise across industries and have more than 35,000 work-ready members.



Permanent recruitment

CoSector Recruitment services provides unique access to thousands of talented graduates from the Colleges of the University of London. We specialise in recruiting top graduate talent for roles based in London and around the UK.

Our focus on three key industries allows us to tailor our hiring process to each client's needs; whether you are looking for a talented, driven and ambitious engineer or a fresh-minded front-end developer.


Graduate Fairs

As part of the University of London, CoSector produces some of the largest and most prestigious graduate recruitment events.

Our fairs bring together the biggest names in graduate recruitment as exhibiting with CoSector gives you the chance to reach outstanding students and graduates whilst raising your company profile.

In fact, 90% of our exhibitors would recommend our fairs to a colleague.

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