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With over 18 years’ experience working on a variety of projects across all sectors, the CoSector Digital Preservation Team is well placed to help your organisation achieve its long term goals and objectives


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What is Digital Preservation?

Digital Preservation focuses on developing a strategy for the long-term continuity and survival of important digital objects such as documents, images, other digital files, and outputs from research data.
As technology advances older technologies become obsolete, making it difficult to access older content. Digital preservation allows for the active management of digital information over time to ensure accessibility.

Digital Preservation Training

Our highly popular training courses cover all aspects of digital preservation. 

The courses are suitable for a variety of skill levels, whether you’re new to the community, or if you’re seeking continued professional development to further develop your existing knowledge and expertise. 

In today’s ever-changing, technology-driven world we understand the need for training and development to keep up, and as such we regularly update our courses to ensure we are able to provide the most inclusive and relevant training on the market.

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Digital Preservation Consultancy


Our consultancy service is a way to tap into our extensive knowledge and expertise to learn how your organisation can realise the benefits of of digital preservation. 

Based on sound principles of information life-cycles and derived from the team’s extensive experience in working with records management, archival care, digital preservation, library management, and repository management, our consultancy offerings are suitable for organisations in all sectors.   



Some of our consultancy Services include: 

Training and Workshops


Written Policies and Suggested Workflows


Surveys and Reports


Preservation and Action Plans

all expertly tailored to meet your individual or organisational challenges

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