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The Bloom team has been managing Moodle platforms for over 10 years. We help improve Moodle and non-Moodle user platforms by offering support, consultation, application development, and project work and many more. 

A stable, consistent service


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We know that you want a service that is reliable, especially during important times like exam season. We provide high-quality, enterprise level infrastructure and connectivity with 99.95% up-time.

We also offer dedicated production sites, development, testing and performance spaces.

As part of our commitment to stability, we offer guaranteed support within our Service Level Agreement, such as Disaster Recovery. This means we can recover your data even if something happens to our data centre. Our back-up systems are multi-layered, and we provide unlimited storage for customer e-Learning content.


200+ Supported integrations

Over 3.2m Users of our platform

24/7 365 customer support

The best support on the market


We offer priority based solutions with resolution times starting from as little as four hours. We guarantee the highest quality support via our customer portal, service desk, user groups and webinars so you’re never left in the dark. 

As per our Service Level Agreement, a significant, high priority ticket has an expected four hour resolution time, a response time that is unparalleled within the education sector.

“In addition to the technical and financial advantages we have gained by moving to ULCC’s Bloom service, it is great to be part of their customer user community”
— Sarah Sherman, VLE Service Manager, Bloomsbury Colleges
“Just wanted to pass on our thanks for a very professional job with our Bloom VLE upgrade – the team have done an outstanding job, being incredibly flexible throughout, chasing every ticket, brainstorming issues collaboratively, and keeping us posted”
— Professor Mark Stubbs, Head of Learning and Research Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University



The Bloom Support+ Service can be subscribed to at four different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level provides a specific increase in the support that will be provided by CoSector.

Enhanced Availability & Enhanced Availability+

The Bloom Enhanced Availability Service extends the guarantees of availability; they apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Out of Hours (OOH)

The Bloom Out of Hours (OOH) Call Centre service extends the guarantees of availability provided by the Bloom service so that they apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year outside of working hours. With the addition of the OOH Call Centre

Customer influenced upgrades for all


Our user focused approach to development gives you the opportunity to tell us what we can do to improve our Bloom services. We share the outcomes of these studies so all our users can understand what’s been discovered and how we’re going to use that information to make things even better.

Transparency is a key factor in our support ethos and we want all our customers to receive the benefits of this process.

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Nicola Betts from the University of Roehampton discusses the benefits of Bloom VLE's support services

Let’s look at pricing...


Our cost-effective and highly flexible solutions make us a great choice compared with our competitors, as we will not restrict your vision of a personalised and device compatible VLE.

To learn more about our pricing and services, pop in your information below and we’ll have a chat about the ideal solutions for your specific needs.